ITS AN UPDATE! traffic ticket..

So yeah.. I know I never said I received a traffic ticket, but I did. I ended up winning my case, however, to the hopeful dismay of the police officer. I also won it without having to show up in court to meet the judge, I did it through a Trial by Written Declaration. So if you guys ever felt that you received an unfair traffic ticket, just contest it.


I went camping for 3 nights up at Clear Lake about 45 min from Ukiah (that's 3 and a half hours north from San Jose--where I obviously live). I think I ended up getting less exercise than I normally would being at home . . . even though I hiked more than the people who were with me (yeah). I love being out in nature (semi-nature) and using tins and such to cook. There's something satisfying about always hearing the buzz of a fly or a yellowjacket, setting up one's tent over a rocky ground and sleeping there, and not showering for a few days.

Now I am back and am getting back into the WoW (World of Warcraft) routine. Too many thoughts to put them out on here at the moment.



Should I study abroad in China for 5 weeks?

3 weeks in Beijing (+excursion to Xian)

2 weeks in Shanghai (+excursion to Guangzhou)

I wonder if the $$ could be better spent :o



Man.. my journal is so inactive that I still have Soul Calibr II as an interest, haha.. well I'm playing Soul Calibur III now :o

I'm working on my schedule for next quarter..

Now I need a digital camera (lost mine at Camera 12 downtown.. ;< ) so I can take leet pics and whore my experiences on the internet =]

OK.. I wonder if anyone reads this.. haha.


PS: yeah


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Wasn't that an interesting and meaningful post?


Hello whoever is unfortunate enough to stumble onto this Livejournal...

It's been about my 4th-5th week into the Fall Quarter and I've been busier than I had ever been at De Anza.. I like it but at the same time I sometimes forget what homework I need to do =X

I already turned 21, now I have nothing in terms of age to look forward to :/ .. at least I don't have to worry about a buyer? I guess?? Onto more interesting things (well not really) ..

Soul Calibur III !

Is coming out tomorrow or Wednesday!!!! FINALLY.. I've been waiting for this for a long time.. I hope to go Nationals for this game :> (Astaroth plz)

I finally found all five Drunken Tiger albums.. if you don't know what that is, they're Korea's greatest hip hop group =p (if you want to hear them, just let me know).

White Russian!~

1 part KAHLUA
1.5 part VODKA
The rest is MILK

Try it.. its good.
A Black Russian is the same thing without MILK (much stronger of course).

Nothing else really worth mentioning.. oh yeah, I'm working out after this entry, I need to lose some weight rawrrrrr (and lower my blood pressure).. 3 weeks of J&J's Hawaiian BBQ is horrible for you (spam/egg sandwich, chicken katsu, etc)... gained 3 pounds in the past month.


PS: Anyone else looking forward to Bal-Sagoth's upcoming album? Or Enisferum/Wintersun if they ever release a new one..?